SLR Tribute Page

 Rick Cerra - 9th February 1949 - 4th September 2016 - (aka RickeyC) Rickey was a huge part of SLR - for the great shows he gave us plus the amazing support he gave all the other DJs. RIP Rickey xx"

Rick Cerra

 Ged Huckin - 14th June 1958 - 15th January 2018 (aka Gedders, Tractor Lad) Well what could you say about Gedders - a unique character with an amazing passion for music as well as a great knowledge. So many laughs and giggles along the way especially the kitchen stool incident - you had to be there to understand!! RIP Gedders!!"

Ged Huckin

 Paul Weatherhead - 23rd February 1974 - 25th May 2019 (aka Whipper) Was another fantastic DJ on SLR. His passion for music was not just playing the music of others he was a great creator of music too!! RIP Paul!!"

Paul Weatherhead