Mark O'Connell

I have been DJ'ing since the late '60s, starting with a small West London sound system in Southall. Late in 1969, I was asked by a friend, Mo Claridge, to join him as a DJ and we worked at the USAF bases. I went on to work at the famous Douglas House Hotel, in Bayswater, as their resident DJ. Mo Claridge, aka MoJo, had a large distribution company and a record label, and he asked me to join them. This was my introduction to the music business side. Mojo moved on to videos and gave me the OK to start up Marcus distribution selling and promoting reggae and dance music. A couple of highlights from my music life was working with Island Records in the 80/90s and virtually all other dance labels. And meeting with Beverly and the crew from SLR and was asked to join them. I am still here annoying everyone and you can catch me LIVE on Wednesdays at 6pm and Sundays at 1pm.